LSTG Lonestar Gold (LSTG:OB) We touched on LSTG and it’s renewed interest last night. Today, shares are up nicely despite gold getting smashed again. Shares of LSTG have also staged a mini breakout today after penetrating the $1.12 level. Just remember to use this name as a trading vehicle and don’t buy into the astronomical potential valuations that are being thrown out there. Also, there could be some resistance ahead at $1.35.

Portage Resources (POTG:PK) POTG seems to be back in play. It looks like a promo is going on with this heavily scrutinized penny stock, as evidenced by it’s recent volume surge. Some market scans may have picked up on the increased action last week, and shares of POTG were over $1 just as recently as July. Is this a last ditch run or is the POTG story starting to pan out ? Well, I would err on the side of caution. However, POTG has traded over $100 million of dollar volume before and the weekly charts look as if a breakout is in the works. A break of . top 5 penny stocks 2016 37 cents could cause some momentum type buyers to step in and naked shorts to cover.

Takedown Entertainment (TKDN:OB) MMA has been a hot topic, and there are few alternatives for bulls to purchase if they like the sector. Although the volume so far isn’t especially strong, TKDN is still currently off over 12% today, Shares are currently in a downtrend and a test of the August lows of .77 cents might be crucial for longs who are trying to hang on.

Nyxio Technologies (NYXO.PK)Shares of NYXO are up on Tuesday, after some fluffy news brought some major volatility into the pink sheets name on Monday. NYXO did retest support in the .67 cent range during the drop. So this might have given some savvy penny stock scalpers an exit point on the downside. The charts look like NYXO has to get back in the mid .90 cent range to reconfirm it’s uptrend.

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