Stocks to Watch RGIN, SLV, APOL

Here is a list of stocks to check out for today’s session. They range from ETF’s to large caps and penny stocks.

Regenicin (RGIN.OB) This little biotech penny stock ripped yesterday, and we issued an alert to our subscribers two days ago. Add it to your penny stock list in case of follow through.

IShares Silver Trust (SLV:NYSE) This ETF is trying to base here at these levels after a nice mover higher. Keep an eye on SLV because it can go either way from here.

Visa (V:NYSE) Down on news yesterday. Not quite sure if it’s a bounce candidate yet. One thing to keep in mind V is much more volatile than most people think and often eats stop orders for breakfast.

Apollo Group (APOL:NASDAQ) This for profit education name still hasn’t shown any follow through after it’s recent big gap up day. Was that rally just short covering ? We will know soon.

Citigroup (C:NYSE) Like many others, C hasn’t done very well after it’s reverse split, but the stock was over $40 just last week.

Smart-Tek Automated Services (STTN.OB) Currently holds the top slot most active IHUB message board list. Sometimes that alone is enough to put some action in a penny stock. penny stocks on the rise

Silver Wheaton (SLW:NYSE) This silver streamer is just another great way to play the hot metal.

Jammin Java (JAMN.OB) Bounced off the $2 range nicely. Add JAMN to your penny stock list if you haven’t already. Not making a call on it here, but JAMN is still very liquid and can move quickly.

Macy’s (M:NYSE) Retails seem to be in favor on earnings and upgrades. M is a great stock to swing trade regardless of your bias.

S&P 500 (SPY:NYSE) Do bounce buyers step in after the market’s weak June start and today’s non disastrous Initial Jobless Claims number.

Check back for more penny stock news, IPO updates and stock market research.

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