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Voyager Petroleum is capitalizing on the GREEN FRIENDLY revolution. If you’ve been looking for a hot penny stock that capitalizes on the flow of dollars that is finding its way toward GREEN FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY and GREEN-FRIENDLY COMPANIES than VYGO could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a considerable amount of a company at ground level prices.

VYGO (Voyager Petroleum) secures oil-based waste products for a nominal amount. They then recycle and recondition the waste and turn it back into actual useful products such as windshield wiper fluid! The concept is out of this world and we think the market will quickly catch on to the legitimacy of their business plan.

Recent press indicates that great things are on the horizon for Voyager Petroleum (VYGO). They have been acquiring a marvelous team of people to guarantee success and our eyes our focused to the wires in expectancy of MORE GREAT NEWS.

VYGO had a share structure of about 350M o/s and 200M in the float. At the current trading range we think VYGO could prove to be VERY UNDERVALUED. We at INVESTOR CLUESO have been doing some intensive due diligence on VYGO and are beginning to focus our investing energies on alerting some of our larger investors to this one of a kind situation!

Some Quick Due Diligence

Voyager Petroleum (VYGO) is a publicly traded mid market level petroleum-based brokerage that processes and distributes. VYGO is directly involved in securing a plethora of supply streams for processing and distributing lubricants to the $11 billion U.S. market.

VYGO provides privately labeled and wholesale GREEN (eco) -FRIENDLY petroleum-based products to end-users including small to mid-sized fuel blenders, refineries as well as the automotive and manufacturing markets. VYGO’s goal is to deliver superior quality products at an inexpensive price to its customers.

Some Quick GREEN (eco) FRIENDLY Facts To Consider!

• Recycling oil is good for the environment and the economy
• Re-refining oil uses one-third the energy of refining crude oil.
• 1 gallon of used oil makes 2.5 quarts of re-refined oil, however, it takes 42 gallons of crude oil to make 2.5 quarts of virgin oil.
• Used motor oil accounts for more than 40% of the total oil pollution of US harbors and waterways.
• Corporate environmental responsibility is highly important to market penetration, customer retention and cost reduction.
• Monarch Petroleum provides recycled lubricants at a cost-savings due to the efficiency and reliability of our processing facility.
• Since lubricants do not lose their general characteristics, Monarch provides a value proposition in the market place by providing quality and convenience with our recycling services.
• Monarch offers the extension of lubricants life cycle with its environmentally friendly processing.

VYGO Recent & Future Projects

Recent Projects:

We’ve been working closely with owner/operators of several processing facilities with access to millions of gallons of storage capacity to service pre-existing regional customers.

Our joint ventures are allowing for processing and packaging equipment for use of proprietary, eco-friendly processes.

New petroleum-based sales contracts have been entered into with automotive and industrial customers.

Projects On The Horizon

We plan to grow reclaimed oil and finished product sales through the wholly-owned subsidiary and commodity-based brokerage business, Monarch Petroleum.

We plan to attain a “lifting number” on behalf of Monarch Petroleum to allow us to act as a catalyst between companies needing petroleum-based products and other companies dispersing them, whether via transport, rail, pipeline, or ship.

Acquiring a lifting number will allow the company to lift diesel fuel direct from the pipeline racks. This will enable us to use rail cars and haul the fuel to our existing customer base or anywhere in between.

Having a lifting number in place will also provide the company with future options such as purchasing from this “major” in the future — namely making gasoline purchases, etc.

The lifting number we seek will allow us to direct shipments to customers, and one of the racks is located very close to our delivery point of the used lube in New Orleans.

This is very difficult to get this opportunity from any of the majors, and we plan to provide the best scenario for all of the parties involved moving this project forward.

We are looking to even out existing joint ventures into partial ownership of various facilities.


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